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    Let's Smile Together! is a digital free release featuring zine Saniro characters and inspired art!A complete information document will be provided as the interest check concludes.Please consider supporting us!


    Head Mod

    Howdy hey homies! I'm Mari! I'm an illustrator and character designer currently working on the Moon Prism Tarot deck, Somnia Fati, and Seniorstuck! This is my first time running a zine but I'm super excited for this project!Favorite Sanrio Character Retsuko!!


    Art Mod

    Hello! I'm a graphic designer, writer, and illustrator that loves videogames and cats! I've worked on a few zines so far and I'm excited to help with this project! I've also put together a solo zine for a thesis project while in college!
    This year, the two for-charity zines I'd been a contributor for launched (Sailor Springtime & Boyhood) & now I'm focusing on being a mod! Most of my zine experience can be found on my Carrd.
    Favorite Sanrio Character Chococat & Marron Cream


    Writing Mod

    Hello, hello! I'm belle, the writing mod for this zine. I love cute characters and Sanrio makes so many of 'em. I’m currently head-modding two zines, as well as modding a few others in a variety of roles (mostly writing, comms/socmed, organisation). I’ve also contributed to a few zines as a writer! all of my zine experience can be found here on my website!
    Favorite Sanrio Character Keroppi & Cinnamoroll


    Formatting Mod

    Heyo, I'm Keats! In fandom, I write a lot of BNHA fic & contribute to zines! I've even modded a few 💙 I love seeing a passion project come to life!Favorite Sanrio Character Cinnamoroll


    Graphics and Co. Formatting Mod

    Hi there! I am coming from the BNHA (villain) fandom! Have been in many Zines and similar events as a contributor and Mod.
    My hobby is illustrating and graphic design. 20/21 I hosted a successfully Eri Zine.
    Currently Head Mod of "Serenity" a BNHA Self-Care Zine. Since 2020 I participated in many many other Zines, bangs and similar events as a contributor or/and Mod.
    Favorite Sanrio Character Hello Kitty and My Melody


    ☆Date subject to change

    Interest CheckJune 1st - June 23rd
    Mod ApplicationJune 30th - July 21th
    Contributor ApplicationAug 1st - Aug 31st
    Contributor Results☆Sept 10th
    Acceptance DeadlineSept 17th
    First Check-InOct 10th
    Second Check-inNov 2nd
    Final SubmissionsDec 10th
    Formatting☆Dec 11th - Jan 23rd
    Pre Release☆Feb 1st
    Release☆March 1st


    What is a zine?
    A zine, short for magazine, is an independently produced booklet or project. Fanzines are zines centered around a certain fandom or franchise and tend to be unoffical productions made by fans for fans.
    What is this zine's theme?
    This zine centers around Sanrio Mascots, food and slice of life. Characters cooking, enjoying meals, going out to eat, picnics, cafes, ext! It's all about making memories over food!
    What is this zine's specs?
    This zine will be a free, digital only release with digital merch such as emojis, icons, and wall paper.
    Will there be a physical release?
    No, there may be discussion for one down the line but we have no intention of producing a physical run.
    How many contributors are you accepting?
    20 artists, 10 writers, and 5 merch designers.
    How will contributors be compensated?
    All contributors will be given a copy of the zine package prior to release as a thank you for their contributions.
    Can I apply for more than one role?
    Yes but you will only be accepted for one.
    Is there a limit to mascots?
    Yes, to avoid having the zine be filled with one character we will be putting a limit on how many times a character appears. The limit is separate by contribution type, for example Hello Kitty can only be the focus in 4 art pieces, 2 writing pieces, and 2 pieces of merch.
    How are pitches selected?
    Guest contributors will be given the first pick of pitches and characters. From there, the mod team will select pitches based on what we need to round out the zine. Our goal is to avoid having too much of one particular idea or character.
    Can I pair up with a writer? Do I still need to present a pitch?
    Yes! Artists who specify that they would like to be paired up with a writer for spot art will be sent pitches by writers in our discord server. In the event a spot artist doesn’t like any of the pitches they can draw one of the pitches provided from their app.
    Can I apply as a team/collaboration?
    Yes, so long as all members qualify as stated in our information document.
    Who is allowed to apply?
    All applicants should be 16+ at the time of application and have a discord account.
    Are you looking for intern mods?
    At this time no.
    Will everyone who applies get an email regardless of their results?
    Yes, result emails will be sent to everyone who applies though we cannot promise to include critic.
    Have a question you don't see? Feel free to submit questions